It is not possible void stress at all. In fact, a little one is considered to be good for your health. It is known for temporarily boosting the concentration, motivation and keeping the life of an individual interesting. However, being overburdened with a lot of stress can make you feel anxious forgetful, exhausted and overwhelmed. It can also lead to sickness. It is a condition that makes many people unhappy thereby increasing the risk for depression and anxiety. Many techniques are used in managing stress such as biofeedback or counselling. Outlined here below are main techniques used in managing stress.


This is another stress management technique that is widely used by many people. Meditation makes individuals less reactive to anxiety or stress as well as making them more resilient. It is also helpful in mastering the negative thoughts patterns and quieting the mind. Listening to audio files and guided meditations can greatly help you in managing stress.meditation,

Diaphragmatic breathing

Proper breathing is helpful in reducing stress. Your chest will always feel tight when you are stressed up. This can make your breathing rapid and shallow. Breathing consciously from the diaphragm is one of the basic breathing exercises. Diaphragmatic breathing is helpful in lowering the production of cortisol hormone.

Practising yoga

Yoga is a healthy practice that is associated with numerous health benefits. It is excellent for reducing stress. It is also helpful in slowing the heart and breathing rates as well as lowering the blood pressure. You should choose a style or pose that is most suited for you. In addition to relieving stress, this practice is known for making the body more flexible.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Stress is a condition that can lead to tightening of muscles. You can feel this effect on your neck, back or shoulders. Progressive muscle relaxation techniques are helpful in easing tension on the muscles thereby breaking the vicious cycle associated with muscle tension and stress. They are also helpful for those individuals suffering from tightening of muscles.


This is one of the relaxation and healing techniques that makes use of essential oils. These oils have been proven to be very effective in `relieving stress and anxiety. Lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile oils. Besides being relaxing, it is known for its mood stabilizing, anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties.aromatherapy


This means going out and spending some precious time in nature. Doing so will you in lowering your blood pressure, pulse rate and cortisol. This will also increase your heart your heart rate variability. In addition to that, reducing the stress, fear and anger will also improve your mood level.